Our History

In Sicily , Aurelio Galipo, and his brothers, Francesco, Giuseppe and Natale worked in the Gelateria World- it was their father Antonio’s world, my grandfather‘s work. A grandfather who had proudly passed on the secrets of traditional ice cream making to his sons before his untimely death when he was in his mid-forties.

It was shortly after World War II when remnants of the war could be found everywhere throughout Europe. The day was clear when young Francesco stumbled upon what looked like a child’s toy in the field near their family home. With his father Antonio in tow the two looked and Francesco gingerly picked it up. Within minutes the grenade exploded, taking out the child’s arm and killing Antonio.

Francesco was the oldest and he was the brother who took his father’s proud legacy and preserved it, gathering in his younger bothers to share his vision and continue in their father’s vein – continue something their father would have been so proud of had he lived.

In May of 1959 the Galipo Brothers settled on College St. and started to make the Gelato worthy of their name “Sicilian”  : a name highly connected to their illustrious heritage and their sacred homeland. A place greatly revered and esteemed because it is where the dream first originated.

The Galipo Brothers will tell you that the recipe for “Sicilian Ice Cream”  is based on a secret family recipe that has been passed down from previous generations of highly skilled gelato- makers. The basis of which is the difference, 100% Fiore di latte . To this very day this treasured recipe holds true.

That tradition has been passed onto the younger generation who proudly carry on… it what defines us as a family, who we are and what we do. Gelato runs thru our veins. It is our vision to continue the Legacy which the Galipo Brothers have entrusted to us.

When the Galipo Brothers left their homeland in Capo D’Olando, Sicily and journeyed to their promised land, they truly had no idea where that journey would lead them. What began as a dream for a better life has led them here. 50 Years ago a Dream, Today a Legacy. Sicilian Ice Cream in the Heart of Little Italy is, “Toronto’s Oldest Gelateria”.